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Ydistri s.r.o.

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Convert "dead stock" into cash using redistributions based on smart algorithms

Ydistri is a cloud service that allows retailers to identify goods that are unsalable at a given branch and become a "dead stock". Instead of disposing of such goods, the chain will forward the item to another branch within the chain, where the goods have sales potential. Wastage is therefore significantly reduced and the chain also saves a lot of money. The solution is based on probabilistic models and sophisticated algorithms and also optimizes logistics routes, thus significantly improving the overall solution efficiency.

The platform works in these three steps:

  1. First, the platform automatically identifies dead stock that has the potential to be redistributed and sold at full price.
  2. Then the calculation of sell-out potential tells us where dead stock can be sold quickly if redistributed.
  3. Finally, the pairing algorithm aggregates redistribution to optimise transport costs.

Use Cases

Our solution is suitable for retail chains with more than five stores, or distribution and wholesale companies with multiple warehouses. With Ydistri, dead stock is converted into cash for the full price instead of selling high discounts or being written off.

Solution Benefits

The estimated redistribution potential for retail industry is approx. 5% to 15% of the stock.