IRONSCALES - A Self-Learning Email Security Platform To Stop Tomorrow’s Phishing Attacks Today

IRONSCALES is a comprehensive, people-powered email security platform. Using our innovative solution, you can defend against the full spectrum of phishing threats when and where they are most likely to cause damage – at the mailbox level. We help customers leverage more people and expertise against threats than any other solution, based on how we structure our decentralized intelligence and AI-powered incident response and remediation.


We offer customers The Power of Now with a single, unified email security platform that combines multiple point solutions into one. Our self-learning system helps where your email security is most at risk by providing post-delivery prevention, detection and remediation. With IRONSCALES:


  • Inboxes across your entire organization will be more secure
  • Phishing incidents will be automatically reported and resolved more quickly
  • Employees will be more aware of email security threats and better equipped to recognize phishing attacks
  • Security analysts will spend less time evaluating potential phishing attacks, chasing down false positives, and other tedious matters, so they can pursue the important work of securing your business on all fronts
  • Our streamlined, all-in-one approach will save you money, time and effort that would otherwise be lost to phishing attacks

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