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The most user friendly and functional ritch Attendant Console in market

PeterConnects Attendant

Optimising connections

PeterConnects Attendant is a powerful telephone operator’s console providing a range of smart features for fast and easy call handling and efficient call distribution for organisations of all sizes.

Receptionists, switchboard operators and service desk employees have a key role in the success of your business. Every time they pick up the phone or respond to a message, they shape the way customers perceive your company.

PeterConnects offers a set of software solutions that transform your organization’s communication. We enable you to handle calls not just more efficient and effective, but to create meaningful connections with added value for your customers. Our software makes this possible through reachability, context and control:

  • Reachability

Make your organization easier and more convenient and pleasant to get in touch with – 24/7.

  • Context

See not just who is calling, but also why they call and how you can help them.

  • Control

Enable your employees to handle calls more quickly and efficiently, creating both increased productivity and a better customer experience.

How the PeterConnects Attendant makes the difference

PeterConnects Attendant represents our next generation of software applications, designed for the future with mobile usage and the cloud in mind. Among multiple advantages, these are the key benefits PeterConnects Attendant X has to offer:

Best of both worlds

PeterConnects Version 10 offers all the PeterConnects applications you know and rely on, combined with the state-of-the-art interface of Attendant X.

Intuitive User Interface

Our new user interface sets new standards for ease of use and customization options. Among many options, window size and layout can easily be adapted to personal needs and preferences.


Because PeterConnects Version 10 has a web-based architecture, our new generation of applications can be used at any location and any device with internet access.

Customizable widgets

Create your own workspace by adding and customizing your preferred widgets. PeterConnects also supports the integration of third-party widgets and applications.

Keyboard support

As professional tools designed for intensive daily use, our software applications naturally offer keyboard support for quick and easy operation.

Continuous Delivery

Updates and bug fixes happen continuously and seamlessly, with minimal to no downtime.

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