CAMPSITE Faculty Management Platform

de Jende Solutions, Inc

Automate HR workflows and create whole-institution, real-time reporting for faculty management

CAMPSITE (Comprehensive Asset Management for Performance) is Jende’s proprietary anti-fragile platform. Its suite of close to a dozen modules automate HR workflows and create whole-institution, real-time reporting.

CAMPSITE consists of multiple modules, including Recruitment, Faculty Management, Compensation, Teaching, Endowments, Grants Management, Faculty Evaluations, and Productivity.

In addition, CAMPSITE is a robust reporting tool, offering approximately 150 distinct reports.

Unify Your Data

CAMPSITE unifies information from the various software platforms and toolsets that you use for day-to-day management.

Whole-Institution Analytics

Our enterprise analytical model is tailored to your institution, connecting the data points across all relevant sources.

Row-Level Security

Row-level security and controls protect data from ingestion through, ETL, data warehousing, and display to end-users.

Faculty Management

Automate workflows surrounding recruiting, hiring, and compensation planning. Create dynamic incentive plans and track progress real-time.

Campsite Modules

CAMPSITE manages faculty effort, specialties, benchmarks, mission effort, faculty tenure data, compensation, incentives, and quality metrics.

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