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Regularis provides maximal effectivity and promptness to your regulatory cycle.

Regularis is a tool that allows the control, digitization, and standardization of the regulatory process of products before the regulatory entities of any country.

It is designed with high adaptability to the needs of all industries that must request sanitary permits for their products.

It offers traceability and detail of the entire regulatory process, generates alerts from changes in the status of the procedures, the fulfillment of commitment dates, and preventive alerts for validity compliance of registrations and trademarks.

Thanks to its versatility, Regularis is enabled for multi-country and multi-industry use. It is also a multi-company solution since it allows an unlimited number of companies. We considered into the designing phase those organizations which provides product registration services to other companies.

Regularis offers:

  • Role-based user management.
  • Massive data migration service for implementation phase.
  • Audits through log history.
  • Alert settings.
  • Maintenance catalogs for products and regulatory process.
  • Product management by categories, lines, and sub-lines.
  • Easy user-friendly management interface for your regulatory process.
  • Procedure control for trademark registration.
  • Calendar visualization for preparation and expiration dates of the regulatory process steps.
  • Dashboard visualization and customizable reports for assertive and timely decision making.

To guarantee the continuity of your business, Regularis offers Help Desk service, which takes care of your incidents through:

  • Self-service web portal (Ticket System).
  • Email.
  • Phone line.

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