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Share emails with teams, find information quickly and archive messages with Keluro's smart algorithm

Keluro boosts workplace productivity and breaks information silos by turning email conversations into collaborative assets. This Office 365 web app helps you to distribute key messages more effectively in your organization and to archive crucial information.

Share emails and archive messages

  • Keluro increases team collaboration by making relevant email conversations accessible to coworkers in shared channels.
  • Our smart algorithm suggests appropriate channels to share your emails, both sent and received, with one click.
  • You decide what remains in your private mailbox.

Find information with ease

  • Keluro’s adaptive organization and visualization of emails ensures you stay on top of the most relevant information, all in one place.
  • Effortlessly find information related to a project or department in dedicated channels, even if you were not among the recipients.
  • Easily retrieve archived emails and don't lose time reconstructing missing information trapped in confusing email threads.
  • Access key information on any device

    Access all features from any browser - no matter if you are on your computer or on a mobile device!

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