mLibrary Teams App

de Knimbus Online Pvt Ltd

Integrates your Institutional Library and all its content and subscriptions in Office 365

Knimbus is a cloud-based digital library platform that enables the complete digital transformation of any Corporate, Academic or Government Institutional Library. It enables fast & effortless flow of information through the widely accessible App. The mLibrary App on MS Teams with its extensive integration, modern interface and easy navigation provides a single access point for the user’s academic, research & reference needs.  

With the massive shift towards the importance of online research & educational tools, traditional physical libraries are facing logistical challenges in the wake of digitization. All institutions, universities, corporate offices & schools are looking for cost effective & uncomplicated solutions to transform their libraries and provide their users with good quality and accessible content. 

The mLibrary App is a gateway for users to navigate seamlessly between their MS Teams collaboration environment and their institute or office’s digital library. Knimbus mLibrary hosts all Subscribed eResources, Open Source content and Institutional Documents on one platform with useful tools like Universal Search, Off-Campus Access and eCatalog that help users access quality content from anywhere, at any time. Admin and librarians can monitor, control and analyze the usage of the digital library through a powerful in-built Dashboard. The mLibrary is also completely customizable in terms of look & content. 

We aim to empower libraries across the world with affordable, cutting-edge digital technology that makes access to eResources a personalized, and convenient experience for their users. 

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