KnowledgeLake Intelligent Capture for SharePoint Online and Syntex

de Knowledgelake, Inc.

Transform SharePoint into a modern content management system with intelligent capture and automated

You’ve invested in SharePoint for secure document storage. Yet it falls short when it comes to capturing transactional documents and streamlining workflows around those documents. Enterprise Content Management Systems are complex and expensive to implement. What now?

KnowledgeLake has the answer. KnowledgeLake’s smart automation software integrates directly with SharePoint to capture and integrate documents from any source directly into your system, helping you run your business with greater agility, efficiency, speed, and performance.

Use KnowlegeLake as your capture and workflow tool, combining it with the power of Azure and SharePoint for secure document storage and management. More capable and cost-effective than ECM applications, KnowledgeLake is easy to set up and configure. It works alongside your SharePoint data repository to drive efficiencies, improve employee and client satisfaction, and reduce costs across the organization.


KnowledgeLake features an extremely accurate capture, classification and extraction system that can acquire documents from any device and any type of document. It is powered by machine learning and computer vision for the most accurate collection of unstructured and text rich documents. Use it to:
  • Collect critical data - ingest ANY source, document type or location - paper (scanners / MFDs), emails w/attachments, mobile devices, File Shares, Fax Server etc.
  • Optimize images - improving quality and standardization
  • Classify, Separate and Extract key data - text, checkmarks, signatures, tables and more. Separate the important data, ignore the rest.
KnowledgeLake’s platform goes beyond basic capture to empower teams to easily built AI-powered automated workflows that integrate data from your documents into your business systems. Use it to:
  • Build, test and launch RPA automations - with no/Low code RPA design studio
  • Find any document anywhere with a single click – using the “Magic Button” tool
  • Develop human-triggered desktop automations - to route tasks and accelerate workflows with the touch of a button
  • Bring information together from multiple LOB systems – use KnowledgeLake to as an overlay between your ERP, CRM and more. No more logging out, retyping or leaving your screen to do tasks.

Versatile, Works to Save Time and Money Across the Business –
This solution will reduce waste and save money in any department, any process, and any type of document. Start in one area and grow!
Solid company and support model – KnowledgeLake has a stellar reputation and long-standing business we have been in business for over 20 years and consider each client a true partner. Our US-based development, support, and engineering teams understand your challenges and business needs and will work as a partner with you to drive results.

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