Idealake Enterprise Skill Enhancement Platform


New age web and app online training platform supporting multi content & low bandwidth network.

Idealake skill enhancement platform is a new age Enterprise web and app online training platform, supporting all kinds of content like video, HTML 5, Word, PowerPoint, PDF etc. The solution makes learning feasible in low bandwidth networks and even offline. 

Our enterprise skill enhancement platform is offered as SaaS using Microsoft MCT platform and is designed to provide a personalized and intuitive learning experience.

The platform is available for internal as well as external workforce.

Some unique features: 

• No code low solution for easier content and user management 

• Multiple login and AD integrations 

• AI based SmartSearch 

• Auto generated multilingual transcripts 

• Personalization of user content 

• Discuss and share information with peers 

• Create and manage quizzes, courses and exams 

• Multilingual Chatbot for interactive navigation and query resolution 

• Inbuilt analytics platform extended with customization of reports

Along with the platform we also provide fun and engaging content curation service.

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