Lefturn Parcel Data Model (PDM)

de Lefturn LLC

Subscription based service for logistics parcel analysis, implementation, measurement and monitoring

The shipping industry has changed tremendously in recent years, and the pace of change is still accelerating. The result is carriers are adopting to operating in a more cost and labor-intensive mode. It is not yet clear what the long-term results of these trends will be, but the major carriers are reacting

Carriers collect information at every possible moment and are offering a new array of services with options between "slow and cheap" and "quick and costly".

For large and enterprise shippers, knowing how to leverage their carrier parcel data and reconcile it to their business rules requires resources, subject matter expertise, and time to tackle logistics optimization. The result is that the majority of shippers delay a competitive advantage.

Start working with your carrier, leveraging their networks, technology and partners. Let Lefturn identify the trends, anomalies and patterns of your shipments, propose recommendations, implement the solutions and provide quantifiable results.

It's not always about rates. Leverage your carriers' capabilities and let the data deliver

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