My Net Zero Climate Engagement Tracker

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Understand how your employees feel about climate action

Introducing the Climate Engagement Tracker from My Net Zero: Uncover Employee Sentiment on Climate Action, Amplify Engagement!

The Climate Engagement Tracker (CET) revolutionises how organizations understand their employees' attitudes, actions, and aspirations towards climate action. Our dynamic survey and analytics platform goes beyond superficial data, diving deep into sentiment, motivation, actions, aspirations, and barriers. Powered by Azure, the CET delivers secure, real-time data dashboards, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Ignite Change: Gain invaluable insights into how your workforce truly feels about climate action. Uncover sentiment, identify motivations, track actions, and break down barriers holding back progress.

Customise and Engage: Tailor the core survey to align with your organisation sustainability goals. Provoke thought, drive involvement, and inspire your employees to take meaningful steps toward a greener future.

Real-time Impact: Harness the power of Azure's robust infrastructure for instant, secure data visualisation. Dynamic dashboards give you a pulse on employee sentiment and progress, enabling agile decision-making.

Empower Action: CET empowers you to transform insights into action. Identify key motivators, address barriers, and drive engagement with targeted strategies that accelerate your organisation's climate goals.

Lead the Way: By unlocking the collective wisdom of your employees, CET cultivates a culture of positive climate action. Inspire your workforce to become passionate advocates for sustainable change.

Leverage CET today and propel your organisation into the forefront of employee led climate action. Together, we'll build a greener future, one insight at a time.

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