Goodt HR Digital platform

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HR Digital platform. Workforce management system

Goodt is the HR Digital platform designed for effective time scheduling and mass personnel management , with the strong focus on Retail and HoReCa industries .
Goodt solution aimed to bring the following results to the business :
    • Optimisation of operational expenses 
    • Effective people and time management based on historical results and anticipated business drivers 
    • Increase revenue of the business 
    • Implement clear employee engagement and motivation program within organisation 
    • Increase customer satisfaction 
    • Provide helicopter view on the business operations 

Goodt HR Digital platform consist out of 4  modules :

  • Goodt Time - Workforce management system for effective shifts planning and optimisation, based on historical information and business drivers
  • Goodt Clock - Biometric time and attendance solution m for effective time management and communication 
  • Goodt Robusta - Innovative , employee motivation and engagement solution , which allows to create and implement, in the form of gamification , transparency across the business 
  • Goodt Insight - Easy to use , easy to implement, innovative BI solution . 

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