Luware Stratus Team


Stratus Team, an intelligent routing engine which automatically manages incoming customer calls.

Luware Stratus for Microsoft Teams offers call queuing functionality via federation from the Luware Cloud, with no requirement for on premise equipment by the customer.

Stratus seamlessly distributing calls to MS Teams users based on their Microsoft Teams presence status (Green = Available).

Stratus calls go directly to the responsible Microsoft Teams user, exclusively as a native Microsoft UC call, using only the MS Teams client.

Stratus offers both “Longest Idle” and “Simultaneous Ring/Broadcast” for call distribution with the ability to overflow if required.

Team leaders manage the Stratus Teams from their desktop in real-time, without the necessity of escalating to the IT helpdesk or 3rd party vendors

Supervisors can manage open hours and holidays easily, changing announcements or forwarding targets and Team member participation directly from their MS Teams client.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)’s are displayed on a simple to manage dashboard within the MS Teams client.

Beyond Stratus’ voice IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus, Stratus also offers ICR- (Interactive Conversation Response) services to ensure that Microsoft UC Instant Messaging (Chat) requests are also able to be directed to the responsible Team.

Why Stratus?

- Improve productivity, customer satisfaction rates and reduce the overall costs to serve the customers

- Gain valuable management information to help improve agent / staff call handling

- The users require ONLY the Microsoft Teams client for personal and team calls

- Team and service presence is now visible

- Simple administration

- Low provisioning and running costs

- Quick set up

Using Luware Stratus Team, customers can:

- Optimize processes to handle service requests

- Increase availability of the organization for customers

- Balance the workload of the organisation

- Improve after-hours call management

- Gain better adoption of the Microsoft Teams environment

- Complement their Microsoft UC strategy

About Luware:

Luware has been a leading developer of innovative contact center solutions natively integrated into Microsoft’s Unified Communication platforms since 2010. Luware is committed to supporting Microsoft’s UC customer adoption of cloud services.