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A powerful geolocation platform for optimized routing, auto-assignment of territories & automation

A powerful geolocation platform offering a wide range of tools for analysis, routing, territories, embedding of maps & no-code automation.

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Implementation services, 24/7 chat support and live training of your sales/service team are included in your Mapsly subscription.

To get started, please follow the Mapsly setup guide for Dynamics 365.

Key features


✔ View & (mass-)edit CRM records on the map, including custom ones, with real-time sync to Dynamics

✔ Split your data into layers, customize markers, pick fields for labels & map popups

✔ Create records from map with pre-filled address & coordinates

✔ Search local businesses by keywords & add them as records of any Dynamics object with adjustable field mapping

✔ Auto-correct errors in addresses & fill in zip/counties

✔ Nearby search

✔ Heat maps, MKL/KMZ


✔ Plan optimized routes for sales/service teams based on live/historic traffic

✔ Configure check-in with geofencing & other processes with buttons & forms

✔ Save collected data to Dynamics in real time

✔ Track users’ current location & view history of movements

✔ Plan regular visits with desired regularity and duration, for individual sales reps or entire teams

✔ Navigate to locations using your favorite app in 1 click


✔ Draw territories or create them out of zip codes, counties, census tracts

✔ Auto-assign records to territories & sales reps based on custom criteria

✔ Add aggregate metrics & demographics


✔ Share maps with live data by link & embed them into websites, portals or dashboards

✔ Add personalized maps with unique dataset per user to customer portal

✔ Add custom buttons, forms & let users execute processes/automation


✔ Execute actions by a button, by schedule or entirely automatically, without writing code

✔ Create/update/delete records & territories, send email/SMS, call external APIs, and more

✔ Search records by custom criteria that may include driving distance/time & execute actions with them

✔ Create dynamic forms that show/hide fields and call external APIs as user fills in the form

✔ Use user’s current location and calculate driving distance/time between any locations

✔ Implement cross-system analysis & automation by connecting spreadsheets & other data sources to Mapsly

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