LoadRunner Cloud

Micro Focus

Simple, smart, and scalable cloud-based performance testing for web and mobile apps.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud is a cloud-based load and performance testing solution that makes it easy to plan, run, and scale performance tests. It’s the simple, smart, and scalable approach to modern testing as you can run tests in less than 10 minutes, scale for large loads, and understand an application’s performance through comprehensive analytics.

Key Capabilities 

  • Simple

 LoadRunner Cloud makes it easy to design and create load tests- from the point at which you sign up for the service, you can start your first load test in less than 10 minutes, without the need to schedule, deploy, and manage load generators.

  • Smart

LoadRunner Cloud uses predictive analytics to help you understand anomalies and problems in real time. The intuitive analytics allow you to easily interpret the test results to identify the performance of an application and then determine your mitigation options.

  • Scalable

LoadRunner Cloud can scale to HUGE – it automatically enables you to scale from one to 5,000,000 or more geographically distributed virtual users and you can add or remove them during test runs.

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