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Söze - Intelligence and Insights at Scale


Söze - Advanced Digital Investigation Platform - purpose designed with police for police.

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated. So too is the landscape they operate within. Building and prosecuting successful cases has become dependent on collecting and analysing an exponentially- increasing volume of data, from a myriad of sources. Today’s manually-driven methods of analysis are struggling to keep pace with the sheer scale and complexity of the data landscape. Collaboration between global technology experts and leading Criminal Investigation Agencies has brought the power of advanced analytics to bear on this complex problem.

Introducing: Söze
Söze delivers more investigative avenues by massively accelerating the work currently handled by manual processes. It works by automatically discovering information of potential interest to police, including the relationships between that information. It does this from a multitude of sources, as well as the outputs of tools already in use in many police forces around Australia.
Designed in collaboration between experts in the fields of both technology and criminal investigation, Söze is delivering staggering results in terms of time-savings and efficiency – up to 90% improvement in analysis times over current, manual methods. Söze can reveal insights in seconds or minutes that currently take hours, days or weeks to deliver.
Crucially, Söze is uncovering insights and providing the building blocks for new and productive avenues of enquiry. The result of automating large quantities of data wrangling required for digital policing, in real terms, is that the expertise of human resources can be re-directed to far more important aspects of criminal investigations. The outcomes speak for themselves.