OneEd Education Analytics - Impacting student's education through data

de Nagnoi LLC

Delivering actionable insights at all levels for K-12 educational institutions

OneEd provides real-time data and insights to help education leaders make informed decisions, increase student achievement, efficiently use resources, promote transparency and communication, ensure compliance and personalize learning experiences, leading to greater engagement and success.

K-12 Education leaders, school directors, teachers and student support staff can:
  1. Improved decision-making: OneEd provide leaders with real-time data and insights, allowing them to make more informed decisions about student performance, resource allocation, and curriculum design.

  2. Increased student achievement: By analyzing data on student performance, teachers and student support staff can identify areas where students are struggling and implement targeted interventions to improve their academic success.

  3. More efficient use of resources: OneEd helps leaders identify where resources are being most effectively used, and where they can be reallocated to have the greatest impact

  4. Greater transparency and communication: OneEd provides leaders with easy-to-understand visualizations of data, which can be shared with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to promote transparency and collaboration.

  5. Better tracking and compliance: OneEd can help leaders ensure they are meeting all state and federal regulations, and that all students are on track to graduate.

  6. Personalization: By analyzing student data, teachers can provide personalized learning experiences to students, which can lead to greater engagement and success.

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