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One Compliant Solution for Recording All Communication Modalities

One Compliant Solution for Recording All Communication Modalities


Unified communication and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams are transforming the way millions of people work every day. They’re enjoying growing popularity among back office departments in trading firms for their ability to support multi-channel communications – such as chat, video meetings, voice calling (A/B calls), document sharing and online collaboration – in one application. Of course, regulations around trade conversations are growing too, and this includes unified communications via Microsoft Teams. For example, Dodd Frank and MAR require that all trade-related communications be recorded, across all modalities (PBXs, turrets, mobile phones, video, chat, email, unified communication platforms, etc.). And just recording these communications may not be enough. Some regulations require firms to retain these communications for a number of years and to provide full reconstructions of trades when clients or regulators demand – in some cases within 72 hours.


NICE Trading Recording (NTR) can help you meet these demands. NTR provides one solution for all regulated employee communications irrespective of how your regulated employees communicate – via turrets, mobile phones, PBXs (desk phones), and unified communications platforms (including Microsoft Teams). NTR can record any available media sources exchanged through Teams – from video to chat to screen-sharing and A/B calling. In fact, NTR is the one go-to solution for centralized recording, storage, search and replay of all trade-related communications. You work in one system instead of separate recording systems and databases, enabling for complete trade reconstructions and investigations in a fraction of the time. NTR can also seamlessly correlate communications across different channels to uncover hidden connections. NTR’s one platform approach lets you apply the same archiving and retention rules to all recorded communications so you can easily adhere to regulatory requirements. Your firm also benefits from workflow efficiencies and lower cost of ownership. As you add regulated users, locations and new communication modalities, you can achieve economies of scale. Having a single recording platform within Teams for video, chat, screen-sharing and voice lets you maximize the functionality of your UC program while keeping overhead costs low.

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