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Nimble is the Simple Smart CRM built for Microsoft 365 teams that works for you, everywhere you work

Nimble is the Simple Smart CRM built for Microsoft 365 teams that works inside your Office 365/Outlook Desktop/Outlook Mobile inbox. It delivers team contact management, actionable people and companies business intelligence, templated emails with open tracking, and pipeline management and more.

Nimble works for you by automatically combining your Microsoft 365 contacts, communication histories, email inboxes, and calendar activities with contacts from Outlook, Gmail Contacts, 3rd party business apps and social media connections (including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) into one unified team relationship manager.

Nimble empowers your company to collaborate as a team with prospects and customers to grow your business. It’s ideal for individuals and teams transitioning from managing contacts and sales pipelines within spreadsheets, email or on scattered sticky notes.

Nimble not only works great with Microsoft 365, it also works with Dynamics CRM by unifying Microsoft 365 and Dynamic contacts. Access enriched contact records everywhere you engage with customers and teams-- including your Outlook inbox (mobile and desktop), contacts, calendar, Skype, Teams, and Edge browser.

Microsoft Dynamics customers can easily access enriched Microsoft 365 contact profiles within Dynamics, as well as access enhanced profiles of Dynamics contacts in Microsoft 365 and everywhere you work.

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