Ombori Grid Queue Management

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Manage customer flow within any location and minimize physical queues

Reduce lines and improve customer experience

Replace physical queues with virtual queues, using a modern ticketing solution that can incorporate both mobile phones or paper tickets. Powerful notifications and digital signage allow visitors to do other things while they wait, and extensive analytics enable efficient staff planning.

Join the queue

Instead of standing in line, visitors add themselves to a virtual queue. They can do this online in advance, or via a self-service kiosk, NFC tag or by scanning a QR code at the location. They can receive confirmation on their mobile phone or a printed ticket.


If the visitor has opted for mobile notification, they receive a message when they are near the head of the line, telling them it is time to go to the location. They receive a second notification when it is their turn. At any time, mobile users can view their position in line and expected wait time. Queue information is also displayed on digital signage.


Check in using paper ticket or via QR code on their mobile phone. This automatically updates the real-time queue data and triggers notifications to customers who are waiting.


Increase customer satisfaction by creating a smoother and less frustrating customer experience.

  • Reduce frustration: visitors do not have to wait in line to enter the premises or be seen.
  • Improved wait experience: visitors do not have to stand outside but can wait in another location, such as their car or a coffee shop.
  • Reduce walkouts: eliminating long physical queues makes the business seem more efficient.
  • Reduce no-shows: voice-based visitor call attracts the attention of visitors who are not looking at the signs and reduces missed turns.
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction: visitors can do something else instead of standing in line. In retail, this often results in increased sales.

Ombori Grid

Endless Aisle is part of the Ombori Grid, a platform which includes a suite of customizable mix-and-match apps, targeted at retailers and other businesses.

Fully customizable: fits the needs of your business and includes your branding
Rapid deployment: quick and simple to install and configure
Easy scaling: roll out to multiple locations with minimal effort and cost
Central control: manage all locations and queues from a single hub
Usage-based billing: pay only for what you use
Hardware support: runs on a wide range of hardware, including Android and iOS tablets
Mobile integration: makes use of the visitor’s own mobile device
Grid integration: all solutions use a common platform allowing them to share data and interoperate
Proven technology: based on Microsoft Azure IoT
Developer tools: create your own apps

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