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Central system for recording information on scientific achievements

Central system for recording information on scientific achievements

  • Two-way integration of scientific achievements with PBN and POL-on databases
  • Data input directly by researchers and automatic validation of data
  • Recording of declarations about the discipline selection, inclusion in the N-number and consent to report publication during evaluation

Simple implementation at the university and easy import of data for analysis

  • System available as a cloud service (SaaS) – quick access to the service without installing software in the university’s IT infrastructure
  • Automatic import of data from university systems as well as PBN and POL-on through APIs
  • Verification of scientific achievements, error correction, assignment to disciplines and submission for evaluation
  • Integrations with external databases, e.g. ORCID

Monitoring of scientific achievements and strategy planning of the university

  • Tools for continuous analysis of evaluation parameters in specific disciplines and identifying the alarming situations
  • Analysis of evaluation opportunities and their simulation for all disciplines including sanctions
  • Guarantee of Full compliance with current legislation, including The Law on Higher Education and Science of 20 July 2018 as well as ministerial lists and algorithms

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