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People@Time, the software for a Cloud based Time & Attendance solution, innovative and easy to use.

People@Time is the most innovative, automated and feature-rich solution for time & attendance available today.

In addition to a multi-company and multi-contract management, the software allows you to manage with minimum effort also the most complex and specialized time and calculation rules. Processing clock in/out and work shifts, authorization of overtime, time scheduling, compensations, creation and approval of absence supporting documentation, simple and advanced reporting, customized data exports and seamless integration with the payroll world are just some of the features available. The cloud software is accessible H24 by the administrators, the HR office, managers and employees offering a comprehensive coverage of all the personnel that makes up your company.

People@Time allows you to establish contacts between the various actors of time attendance processes, in an intuitive and fast way. To each of them all the information related to the working day is made available and employees can interact with their managers to request the approval of absences, the authorization of overtime, work shifts and the clean-up of missing clock in/out. The manager can handle the requests of his team approving or rejecting them, individually or massively. He can receive notifications by e-mail or push notification on the smartphone for each request pending for approval. Specific integrated functions are allowing him/her to check the validity and opportunity of each request; moreover the manager can be enabled to act on behalf of other people in case they couldn’t have access to the portal.

As a further extension of the solution provided by this module, Peoplelink makes available two Apps: People@Time InfoTab and People@Time Map. They allow for real time attendance tracking and place many services at the fingertips of the employees like: review of their own clock in/out records, general overview about presence / absence and, manage excuse for absences, ect

Peoplelink markets his exclusive App, geolocated, that has been able to gain approval by the Italian Authority for Privacy; this way your smartphone can be turned into a mobile attendance clocking device !

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