Get ready for industry 4.0 with PlantScanner. Plan and control your production process from anywhere

PlantScanner offers a visual way to organize your factory. In a single drag and drop, schedule your production plan and communicate it to the rest of the plant. Empower operators to be a part of the process, collect data to identify inefficiencies and achieve a truly LEAN production.

Through a public API, you're able to send your ERP or any other system's data, including machinery, gaining speed, consistency and data accuracy.

In a single drag and drop transform you scheduling in production metrics, tracking all you changes, in a single screen. Communicate your plan to the rest of the plant.

Have all the information workers need in the palm of their hands. Insert work instructions, quality controls, create metrics and allow them to request for assistance.

Have your factory in any web device. From real time screen you can view if your team is behind schedule, receive alerts, or change production plan.

Export data
Use our public API to export all your data to Power BI and create the dashboards you need, with the information you want. Identify bottlenecks, wastes and act on it.

This application is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
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