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Want increased transaction value and better customer engagement? Personalize your retail experience.

Plexure delivers world-class customer engagement through personalization at scale. Our world-class clients include household retail brands like McDonalds and 7-Eleven, White Castle, Super Indo, and IKEA. We increase your customers’ spend and visit frequency through powerful CRM innovations that enhance the mobile customer experience.

  • Increase visit frequency by more than 60%
  • Increase average transaction value by more than 35%
  • Increase impulse visits by more than 315%

Your customers expect value when and where they want it – on mobile

Plexure connects you to your customers when it matters most; on mobile, in-store and on the go. We process over 200 million customer transactions daily. Plexure powers mobile engagement in 78 languages to more than 172 million users in 61 countries worldwide.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) delivers more powerful customer engagement

With over 20 billion devices connected today, Plexure personalizes your customer experience with physical location data, captured in real-time, that results in higher engagement. We combine live contextual information, such as weather and proximity data captured by IoT devices, with your customers’ preferences and buying patterns to deliver meaningful and actionable insights.

Seamless integration that transforms your CRM to be live and personal

Plexure integrates seamlessly with existing CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Adobe Campaign. We add value by extending these into the real world, in real time. You won’t wait for transaction batches or reporting cycles. You can observe and measure the effectiveness of every single customer interaction and adjust your strategy, easily, in real time.

“This investment is a testament to our belief in Plexure’s ability to deliver strong results for our business as well as the talent and technology they’ve created.” - McDonald’s senior leadership

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