Check-In Platform

de PwC

A platform designed to provide a view of workforce productivity and risk

Know what’s happening with your people

Identify risks and empower your people with two way communication about changing work conditions. Get a continuous view of productivity and workforce effectiveness across your enterprise so you can understand daily work status, remove blockers and provide support where it’s needed.   Understand where your people plan to work and identify blockers and those who are not able to work so you can deploy resources quickly. 

Forecast and identify trends with accuracy and speed

Identify health and productivity hot spots and trends by city or business unit to understand which issues are systemic or within your control; shift high-priority work as resource availability evolves and use capacity alerts to mitigate risk.

Obtain the information you need
to help make mission-critical decisions and help better protect your people, mitigate business risks and build confidence around returning to the workplace so you can operate with more resilience.

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