PROGEAZURETEAMSCONNECT - 3week implementation

de Proge-Software S.r.l.

Azure and Teams helps distance learning

Through the integration of Azure and Teams with all the information systems of universities and educational institutions, ProgeAzureTeamsConnect responds in a timely, rapid and efficient way to the growing need to remotely manage lessons, laboratories and exams.
ProgeAzureTeamsConnect is a component that automates the management of the entire life cycle of the teams required by the training offer in learning institutes.
ProgeAzureTeamsConnect interacts with identity sources and training offer to automate the following tasks:
• Create a Team for every course
• Update the details for every Team
• Manage Team ownership
• Manage Team membership

The solution Include:
• Registration of an Azure AD application with relative permissions
• Integration with data sources existing
• Support for team building dedicated to educational activities
• Testing of the solution
• Customization of AS-IS flows automated
• Support for Change Management
• Go-Live support
• Guarantee on having the latest version of the solution
• Technical support channel dedicated available during working hours

Primary product: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams.

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