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Helping Healthcare Payers, Providers and Pharma Reach more Patients in Need

Changing reimbursement models and financial pressure to produce outcomes require improved patient engagement and high-quality care delivery.

Providertech automates communication workflows using text, voice, and email, which helps providers, payers, and FQHCs reduce their workload while engaging patients at scale before, during, and after care.

Integration with EHRs and Microsoft Azure ensures customers can seamlessly deploy solutions that are customizable, HIPAA compliant, and easy to manage.

Providertech helps reduce manual efforts so you can focus on caring for your patients. Providertech customers benefit from:

  1. Reduced No-Show Rates while saving money & increasing revenue
  2. Improved Quality Outcomes while advancing value-based care
  3. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction while improving online reputation

Today’s healthcare landscape measures quality by patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Providertech’s automation helps us engage with our patient populations and deliver value-based care at scale. And, a partnership with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud ensures we can quickly deploy a secure solution that is HIPAA compliant—and tailored to our practice’s needs.

Andrea Mendoza MSN, RN
Adelante Healthcare

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