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de Qode Health Solutions

Qode Lynx software is a health counseling solution which maximizes the quality of healthcare data

Lynx Health is a Mobile device-based application on Android platform. It is primarily used as a data collection tool in the Healthcare Data industry. Health Programs (such as HIV Rapid Test Programs from various donor foundations) have specific surveys created for questions that are mandatorily asked during the HIV Testing procedure including key demographics, health vitals and other data. This data is then uploaded to an Azure Powered Database solution which is then researched and reported on using Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services technologies. The power lies in its flexibility in handling different types of Questionnaire content (based on the health program in question), and to easily deliver new content to the device and the ability to capture data offline in places that do not have sufficient internet connectivity.

As such the solution can be deployed to any location including Clinics, mobile units, door-to-door campaigns and areas with limited infrastructure.

These processes were previously handled by care workers on paper-based system. Which lead to loss of data, degradation in data quality which eventually lead to incorrect or inaccurate data being reported on. Lynx Health aims to eliminate all those issues and ensure data is delivered and reported on in near real time. The biggest value of the solutions lies in the accuracy of the data being collected.

In addition to the Mobile Application, Lynx also has a Web Portal used in capturing data that is still on paper based system, before the introduction of the digital solution. All paper forms from care workers are captured, then processed and the data is reported on, just as it’s done by the app on a tablet.

The system was designed for use the Health Care industry, more specifically the donor funded space where projects such as People Who Inject Drugs, TBHIV Care and Voluntary Male Circumcision require the capturing of patient data to provide the highest quality care. Lynx Health takes the necessary step in the digital direction to ensure the quality of data adds great value in improving the overall quality of care.

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