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de REDHOUSE Virtual Education, LLC

Enable Virtual Education for everybody through a Customizable Learning Management Solution.

CentralVision by REDHOUSE uses end-to-end Azure cloud-based technologies to build innovative Learning Management Solutions across the globe, focusing on delivering personalized learning for medium and large-scale organizations, we support accessibility of advanced and high-quality educational content for everybody, everywhere.

CentralVision Features

We provide cloud-based technologies that transform digital/virtual Education: 

  • Customized Learning Management Systems.
  • Customized hands-on Virtual Labs.
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Applications for education use.
  • Virtual classrooms with Mixed Reality applications integrated for interactive collaboration.
  • Career Path Integration that uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance student learning development and put them on the right track for their career goals.
  • Community Learning.
  • Microsoft Teams and MS Office integrated to ease virtual collaboration.
  • Drive active learning with assessments and certifications. 

CentralVision Benefits

Enhance the experience of Virtual Learning
Design engaging, interactive learning content on any topic by harnessing the latest technologies such as High Definition (HD) video, Animation, Simulation, 3D Models, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality and Virtual Collaboration.

Brand your Learning Portal
CentralVision allows your School brand to shine. REDHOUSE will customize the look and feel of your learning portal and educational apps to put your institution’s identity as the center your platform.

Course & Content Management
Build a central repository of all your learning content – lessons, practice quizzes, exams - and keep of your students progress and completions across classes.

Career Path Integration
AI-powered Career Path Integration translates job descriptions into required skills for your students, it identifies student’s gaps in skills compared to a candidate for a desired job, and keeps track as they master the skills that will make them employable for in-demand jobs.

Convenience for Students and Teachers
Enable your students to learn at their own pace and convenience, and select between a variety of visual endpoints (PC and mobile) to support your student's unique needs. Teachers have access to tools and training necessary to create engaging content.

REDHOUSE is bringing the future of education to reality!

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