Reforestum carbon offset marketplace and API

de Reforestum

Integrate carbon offsets into your products and services using the Reforestum platform.

Reforestum is on a mission to reverse climate change by adding more trust and transparency to carbon offsetting through technology. We built an online marketplace to drive reforestation and forest conservation by connecting companies and individuals with our portfolio of unique certified projects. You can own forest shares and carbon credits to compensate your carbon emissions with unparalleled traceability.

The Reforestum platform enables companies to 1. offset your carbon footprint whatever the scale, 2. track the performance of projects using remote sensing analysis through AI, 3. integrate carbon offsets into your products and services using our API, and 4. engage your stakeholders -including end-customers- through rich user interfaces to showcase your impact

Reforestum can support you to find the right conservation or afforestation projects for you, from planning, to implementation, maintenance and monitoring - and to make the most of your investment by involving your stakeholders and showcasing it on our platform.

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