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Workload balancing. High availability. Faster processing. All in a flexible, centrally managed grid computing environment.  SAS Grid Manager uses patented technology to deliver enterprise-class capabilities that enable many SAS solutions to automatically use a centrally managed grid computing infrastructure to provide workload balancing, high availability and parallel processing for analytics jobs and processes. 

Why is SAS Grid Manager important? 
SAS Grid Manager makes it easy to accommodate compute-intensive applications and a growing number of users cost-effectively across your available hardware resources – while also ensuring continuous high availability for your analytics applications. With SAS Grid Manager, you can create a managed, shared environment for efficiently processing large volumes of SAS and open source jobs. 
For whom is SAS Grid Manager designed?
It is designed for CIOs, IT managers, data center managers and grid computing architects seeking to manage SAS programs in a shared environment. It also can be used by statisticians, business analysts and application developers to reduce processing times – and achieve faster results – for data integration, reporting and analytics jobs.
Benefits include:
  •  Meet changing business demands with dynamic workload balancing. 
  • Create a highly available SAS computing environment
  • Get faster results from your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Grow computing resources incrementally and cost-effectively
  • Manage all your analytical workloads.  
  • Easily transition from a siloed server or multiple PC environment to a SAS grid environment. 

With SAS Grid, your organization will be able to meet peak computing demands reliably, and make the most of your SAS compute resource.

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