SEAtS Scheduler - Hybrid Student Timetabling

SEAtS Software

Plan and create academic timetables for blended learning, clinical placements & apprenticeships

Simplify the planning of blended learning classes with all the tools you need to import, update and create new classes. Whether you want to quickly populate a semester of classes with pre-populated Team/Zoom links, schedule work experience, or deliver personalised student timetables, Scheduler's extensive functionality makes academic timetabling easy.

SEAtS Scheduler has decreased the time clients spend creating and uploading student schedules by 93%, from 2 weeks to 1 day.

Key Features

SEAtS hybrid academic timetabling solution allows you to:
  • Import and update legacy timetables for blended teaching and learning
  • Update room capacities for social distancing
  • Plan and create timetables for blended and hybrid teaching and learning
  • Schedule work experience, clinical placement, apprenticeships and more.
  • Add Teams and Zoom access details to events with a mouse-click
  • Deliver personalised timetables to students in the SEAtS App with live in app updates
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