HALOCORE: Microsoft Information Protection for SAP

SECUDE International AG

Automatically label & protect any data export out of SAP using Microsoft Information Protection.

A critical blind spot in SAP puts your Intellectual Property (IP) at risk. How do you address it?

HALOCORE extends the data protection provided by Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) for SAP users beyond the Company’s IT perimeter.

Customer Challenges & Needs:

  • As organizations collaborate and share sensitive data with partners, vendors, and customers, it’s difficult to monitor, protect and prevent sensitive data from going into wrong hands.
  • It’s cumbersome and time consuming to manually apply sensitivity labels for data protection every time when you export, download, or access SAP data outside the application.
  • Not in compliance with data privacy and international and industry regulations when SAP data is shared with partners & vendors.
  • The ability to collaborate and work with partners and vendors for day-to-day operations, due to lack of robust data protection strategies and framework.

HALOCORE helps address the challenges by:

  • With HALOCORE, organizations who rely on partners, vendors, and customers working on confidential data can benefit with automatic file protection during checkout process by extending the value of MIP.
  • Organizations no longer need to apply data protection manually to SAP documents. HALOCORE® can apply all MIP sensitivity labels automatically and without user engagement.
  • HALOCORE extends the value of MIP, to enforce data security and ensures data protection and compliance, fosters better collaboration with partners and vendors.

Benefits to customers:

  • Data classification: Automatically applies classification-based MIP policy assignments.
  • Supplier response time: Reduce supplier response times with controlled data access.
  • User privilege access: Full read/write access or read only access to protect data.
  • Data compliance: Ensure data compliance policies with suppliers and partners.
  • Manual protection: Remove manual data protection from the hands of suppliers & ensure always-on protection.
  • Auto labelling: Automatically apply exact MIP sensitivity labels to SAP data.

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