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SharpCloud is visual storytelling and collaboration software for business.

SharpCloud connects people, data and processes creating dynamic threads across the business, revealing valuable insights that can be analysed in real-time. Decision makers can identify key issues and focus on facts not opinions, resulting in faster decisions.

SharpCloud is visual, top down, data-driven tool designed for teams and built to scale to deliver enterprise strength solutions. By leveraging and blending the data and collateral from the multiple line of business (LoB) software tools across Project Portfolio reporting, Risk reporting, IT Strategy and Roadmapping, SharpCloud provides leadership teams with a tool which helps to create a narrative across their business portfolios.

Align business functions with corporate strategy in a SharpCloud story, keeping insight from your roadmapping workshops in focus, not locked away and lost in a static document.

Efficiently organise and present your projects and portfolio to support effective decision making and achieve optimum outcomes

Create interactive, non-linear content, with all the detail you require, helping you to clearly identify and present risks to an engaged, involved audience

Using SharpCloud, your stakeholders can collaborate around real-time, data-driven stories that offer a clear view of key metrics, time, relationships and costs across projects and portfolios, all delivered in a dynamic story.