Sift - People Directory and Organization Chart

Sift, LLC

Sift - Find, Discover, and Connect Your Organization's People

Sift enables organizations to tap into the unlimited potential of their talent pool, rise to any challenge and realize the power of their people. Democratize people data and foster instant connections with the right experts. 
As your organization grows, it can become harder for team members to know who their colleagues are, what they do, and how to connect with them. Sift is a powerfully simple people search engine that links to rich, customizable profiles that go far beyond job titles. Get a full 360° view of each member of your organization:

  • Dynamic employee profiles that collect education, work history, skills and more
  • Integrates directly with your existing HR and IT data systems to ensure data accuracy
  • Intuitive search and filtering to find the experts you need faster
  • One system to connect your entire workforce, building bridges between silos

You’ve got tools to help your people to talk, text, chat, and email. Maybe too many tools. But understanding who to talk with across your organization is a massive challenge. Sift effortlessly integrates with your existing HR, IT, and collaboration tools providing a single place for your people to go when they need to find someone and start a conversation. 
Sift brings data from your HCM, Identity Management, and other systems into one easy to use, easy to discovery place for your end-users to leverage. Sift allows you to aggregate data from different systems in a single employee profile, ensuring the right data from the right systems is available for your people to use:

  • Prebuilt connectors for Azure Active Directory and an LDAP agent allow real-time connections with identity systems.
  • Robust and flexible SFTP workflows allow flexibility for any system integration.
  • Collect and update attributes like skills, experience, education, or cell phone number directly from your end-users via their Sift profiles.
  • It’s your data, use it! Put your aggregated people data to work in your internal systems via the Sift API.
  • Family of Companies can aggregate data from across disparate entities into a single employee directory, even if they are on separate HR, IT, and SSO systems.

Ensure your teams can effortlessly find then connect with the right colleagues with Sift:
  • Email  (Office 365) or IM with one click in the Sift Profile.
  • Quickly call from your mobile phone with one click in the mobile app.
  • Prebuilt connections for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Work, and configuration options for any collaboration system.
  • Dynamic integrations allow you to add virtual seating charts, virtual meeting software, or any other tool your organization uses for collaboration directly to Sift Profiles.