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Valo Digital Workplace

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Valo – Fall in love with your digital workplace

The heart of your digital workplace

Our ready-made solution, Valo Digital Workplace, sets your business up to communicate more effectively with Valo Intranet, collaborate more efficiently with Valo Teamwork, and nurture ideas effortlessly with Valo Idea Management.

No matter your industry, whether you are local or global, small or large, it has never been easier to fall in love with your digital workplace!

Build a better way to communicate

Valo Intranet is the front door to your digital workplace and is the key to strengthening internal communication. It’s easy to use, beautiful to look at, and enables you to receive actionable information that helps ensure your employees are engaged.

Valo Intranet is aligned with Microsoft’s best practices and works with both modern and classic SharePoint, online and on-premises.

With our perpetual software license, you can pay once and go live in as fast as 1 week. Stay on top of new trends by adding our Valo Fresh subscription and enjoy consistent updates, new features and our award-winning mobile intranet app.

Valo Intranet is loved by over one and a half million users, deployed in more than 40 countries, and is used in 20+ languages.

Take collaboration to new heights

Are you tired of manually re-creating the same site structure over and over again?? Increase efficiency in your collaboration efforts with Valo Teamwork! Valo Teamwork enables you to set-up a pre-defined structure for your collaboration groups, connected to all the Microsoft Applications your company loves. Then, navigate those groups through a beautiful dashboard that is sure to facilitate user adoption.

Collaborating never worked and looked so good!

Co-Innovate across all levels of your organization

Tap into the ideas of the most underused resources your company has, it's employees, with Valo Idea Management! Valo Idea Management provides you with a platform to mine the treasure trove of invaluable knowledge your employees collect on a day-to-day basis. You can keep the ideas flowing all year round, or only for specific campaigns, and reward contributors with our gamification feature. Don’t miss out on some of the best information and input your company can ask for.

Best digital workplace experience that really make a difference

Awarded the best intranet solution in the market and offering the most value for your money, Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork and Valo Idea Management are products you can be proud of. All the products are made with #ValoLove and developed by valued professionals. The Valo Partner Network includes 50+ Microsoft Valuable Professionals, with an additional 5 on our own internal team, so you can rest assured our technology is always cutting edge.

Valo has over 500 happy customers worldwide. Are you the next one to take a step towards a future-proof digital workplace?