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Enterprise mobility simplified

Sitrion ONE is an award-winning employee app for reaching and engaging your entire workforce. ONE is ideal for delivering targeted internal communications, allowing you to engage in two-way dialogues with your employees.

It unifies important HR processes and workflows, like leave approvals, POs, personal data updates, and many others into one efficient mobile stream. It works as a standalone app or integrates with your existing systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Office365, Microsoft SharePoint and many more.

Sitrion ONE is built on our deep understanding of how people get work done--making work better for millions of people. It incorporates the highest levels of security, leverages standard business platforms, and offers a best-in-class, intuitive user experience.

Sitrion ONE features:

  • An app with out-of-the-box enterprise application integrations with SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and any REST endpoint.
  • A secure, cloud-based architecture that provides all core capabilities like administration, role management, notifications, tasks, single-sign on, and backend integrations.
  • An aggregated productivity stream to get all relevant information in one place like time off requests, purchase approvals, sales forecast changes, inventory level alerts, and corporate news.

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