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mConnect by Skooler brings Moodle(tm) into Teams for a one-stop teaching and learning experience

The Moodle Connect App by Skooler brings the rich learning management functionality of the leading global open-source LMS into the Teams workspace for a one-stop teaching and learning experience. Key benefits of Moodle Dashboard are:


One workspace – Access Moodle courses, topics, assignments, and calendar all from within Teams channels. And, stay organized with Learning Tabs, collaborative spaces for your class or any type of collaborative group.


Collaboration – Improve communication, productivity, and teamwork by integrating tools like chat, documents, shared files, and online meetings in a single user interface.

Controls – Save time and headaches with Controls, which lets approved admins create course teams in bulk, set permissions for each team, and give greater flexibility to lecturers as needed.


Simplified sign-in – Log in to Teams for automatic access to Moodle with single sign on (SSO). Multiple sign-in and authentication methods are supported.


Key features:

• Moodle courses available in channel learning tabs

• Customized templates to create teams based on courses

• Batch course creation

• Advanced controls to give lecturers flexibility

• Single sign-on with OpenID Connect available

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