Skooler Learning Tools

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This web app facilitates onboarding of Skooler and management of existing Skooler installations.

Skooler is a set of tools within Office 365 that turns it into a full Learning portal for all K-12 schools and school districts. Using Skooler, teachers can work with education-relevant elements like assignments, assessment, quizzes, absence and grade books related to their students. Students can follow their homework and perform other educational activities using known Office 365 applications like Word, OneNote and Teams. Parents can remain updated on the details related to their children.

This particular Web App is suitable for both existing Skooler customers as well as new schools that are interested in testing Skooler in their own organization. Existing customers can manage their Skooler installation(s). New customers can register through this app and experience an enhanced and streamlined onboarding and installation experience.

When the onboarding process is complete, the Skooler Management Portal is used for school owners and administrators to view and manage their Skooler installation(s). You will control who gets access to what. The portal is continuously enhanced with new functionality and maintained, to provide the tools necessary for a thorough overview and control.

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