Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization

de Smart Software, Inc.

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Smart IP&O optimizes inventory, generates demand forecasts and increases business profitability.

Smart IP&O is an integrated set of native web applications that provides a single, easy to use, scalable, environment with field proven inventory and forecast modeling that optimizes inventory stocking policy and improves forecast accuracy. You’ll move planning from spreadsheet based functional silos to a collaborative platform enabling executives to shape policy while empowering inventory planners to make it so.  The Smart Platform powers three applications:

·   Smart Inventory Optimization (SIO) utilizes a scenario based, service level driven methodology to establish optimal inventory policies, balancing inventory costs against service level, fill rate and financial objectives. SIO incorporates Smart’s patented approach to intermittent demand planning. Its mission is to help clients reduce inventory and associated costs while increasing service levels.  SIO produces inventory reorder points, safety stocks, order quantities, min/max levels, and lead time demand forecasts that you may upload to your ERP system. 

·   Smart Demand Planner (SDP) produces statistical forecasts for thousands of items.  SDP selects the optimal statistical method for each item, addresses seasonality, trending, identifies items that merit a closer review, and offers collaboration to support development of the organization’s consensus forecast. The primary output is a demand forecast that you may upload to your ERP system. 

·   Smart Operational Analytics (SOA) enables users to identify root causes of operational inefficiencies, benchmark service levels, and assess supplier performance.  SOA produces ready-made reports showing your inventory position today, where you have too few and too many items, are in danger of stocking out, opportunities to rebalance across facilities, actual supplier performance and more.  

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