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Simplify and Accelerate your Transformation to the Cloud with AzureSimple

Plan, Prioritize, and Leverage the Power of Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure is an integrated cloud services solution—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and driving innovation across your organization. SoftwareONE developed AzureSimple to accelerate the realization of Azure cloud benefi ts. The AzureSimple offering reduces the friction of onboarding while providing tools to optimize your cloud spend, and support for your Azure workloads. AzureSimple helps to develop the strategy for the migration of workloads to the Azure environment, and once the best-fi t workloads are identifi ed, SoftwareONE will architect and provision an Azure environment that is optimized for your business needs. Because Azure cloud services are consumed on a Pay-as-you-Grow model, requiring no upfront costs, it is important that visibility is available to manage both the overall spend as well as departmental allocations. SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud platform provides this granular visibility, with management at the enterprise and business unit level for tracking and cross charging purposes. AzureSimple is a zero-upfront cost offering, with the following benefits: 1. Azure Advisory – The SoftwareONE services team will facilitate the discovery workshop to capture the business and IT priorities and develop the strategy to shift workloads to the Azure environment. This proven approach provides the fastest time-to-value to realize the full benefi ts of Microsoft Azure. 2. Confi gure Azure Environment – SoftwareONE will establish the Azure environment through a zero dollar commitment-licensing model. Additionally, all billing will be managed through SoftwareONE. 3. Azure Cloud Support – The SoftwareONE Cloud Support team will provide ongoing support for your IT teams for your Azure environment. With a back-to-back Support Agreement from Microsoft with dedicated response SLAs, your business is in safe hands. 4. Monitor and Manage Azure Spend – The SoftwareONE PyraCloud Platform delivers robust usage analytics, enabling the transparency required to budget, forecast, and allocate Azure spend across the entire business or to an individual business unit. Why SoftwareONE? Successful adoption of Azure is about advisory services, deployment, and support. SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of software and cloud deployment services and supports customers by ensuring their IT investments are cost-effectively leveraged and transitioned with their unique business needs. SoftwareONE operates in 115 countries and is committed to helping customers optimize their software and cloud spend.