Holographic Healthcare

Sopra Steria Norway

3D, Mixed Reality, HoloLens, Healthcare, Hospital, holographic medical imaging, Medical Holography

Holographic Healthcare concept is used at the first innovation centre for mixed reality in the world. It serves as a common resource to build and share knowledge and solutions for future healthcare solutions, using holographic computing.

Sopra Steria has delivered a proof of concept and concept for Holographic Healthcare to University Hospitals, used for research on surgery. Sopra Steria has a concept and MVP ready to explore other industries and organizations. 

The concept can be demonstrated for interested parties and and a discovery offering for identifying use cases to map potential. The maped potential can also by demonstrated by building an MVP for testing and verifying the use cases with the selected technology, concept, and reference architecture.

Length of service: Analysis - 2 weeks, MVP - 6 weeks, Industrialize solution (continuous delivery)

Target Audience: Healthcare providers, surgeons, COO, doctors
Target Industry: Healthcare, Government, Public, Industry
Value proposition: Try a hypothesis, concept and a MVP for increasing the success rate of surgeries. Get automated data support for preparing, improving and conducting surgery. 
Concept/Solution: Based on HoloLens 2, Azure, Unity3D, C#, Azure ML, Azure Data Lake, AI, Python
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