The First Cyber Defense Private Messenger

Protect your messages & calls with the Cyber Defense Technology used by the military and state agencies. Try StealthTalk today. Here is why:

- Cyber Defense Technology
StealthTalk implements a patented technology the military, emergency response services, and state agencies originally used to secure their communication during mission-critical operations.

- Stealth Chats & 3-Person Calls
With StealthTalk you can hold confidential business meetings and handle 3-person conference calls without the concern of your communication being intercepted or used against you.

- Wiretap-Proof Multi-Channel Data Transfer
To ensure the highest integrity of voice and message communication without sacrificing network latency or sound quality, StealthTalk utilizes multi-channel data routing—data is encrypted, scrambled and pushed through plurality of media channels and nodes. Such an approach makes message interception futile, and your private calls wiretap-proof.

- SIM Swap Protection
StealthTalk uses a unique fingerprint of your device to ensure StealthTalk data protection in situations when your SIM card is compromised, lost, or duplicated in an attempt to bypass multi-factor authorization.

- Account Takeover Detection
Only you can log into your account and view sensitive data using your device only. If there is any outside attempt to take over your account from a third party device, you will be immediately notified in the StealthTalk app and the intruder’s device will be blocked.

- Control Encryption Keys
You can choose how exactly you want to exchange encryption keys with your StealthTalk contacts. Key exchange can be carried out in-person via Bluetooth and QR code scan, or remotely using a secure voice call, where encryption keys get secretly transferred amidst voice call data packets.

- On-Device Data Encryption
The StealthTalk app encrypts all of your StealthTalk communication data—both in transit and at rest—to make sure no third-party can get access to your sensitive information.

- Field-Proven Patented Technology
StealthTalk runs on the patented technology, initially built to meet the needs of the military, and later repurposed for business use. The technology has proved its security for the military and emergency response services telecommunications in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

- Your Own Private Media Server
For professional customers and businesses, StealthTalk offers to have their own private media server to handle all StealthTalk secure communication of their company.

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