Heart Failure Service

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Screening and remote management service for HF patients

The Heart Failure (HF) Service is suitable for screening of suspected patients and long-term remote management of diagnosed patients. Early diagnosis is crucial to enable early initiation of key lifesaving therapies including timely access to echocardiography.

The use of the latest portable handheld devices combined with AI driven echocardiography integrated into the early diagnostic decision service for use in secondary and primary care settings results in earlier detection of heart failure.

After screening, patients diagnosed with heart failure move on to a virtual management service. Patients are closely monitored using daily diaries and wearables during therapy stabilisation. Stable patients are virtually managed with AI risk scores identifying patients in need of early intervention in community settings.
The virtual management of heart failure patients helps to reduce admissions and unnecessary outpatient visits.


  • Presentation of 12-lead ECG data
  • Integration of echocardiogram scans, laboratory results, current pharmacological treatments and social factors
  • Structured data questionnaires
  • Appointments, appointments history and appointments outcomes
  • Standard APIs, identity, access and consent management services
  • AI risk scores
  • Data visualisation of data outputs from connected hardware and wearables
  • Secure encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Open standards for identity, powerful API and granular permissions
  • Distributed health data management models


  • Reduce waiting times, unnecessary face-to-face appointments and unscheduled admissions
  • Improve treatment engagement and patient outcomes
  • Resilient, scalable and cost effective fully managed hosting service
  • Algorithm guided to improve decision making by health professionals
  • Improve community interventions and reduce hospital admissions
  • Improve quality and flexibility of healthcare delivery
  • Increase control and ownership of health data
  • Scale service through improved access to users
  • GDPR compliant consent model built-in
  • Data API supports FHIR

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