strongDM Database Access


The most convenient way to manage staff’s database access. Enforce least privilege & log queries

The strongDM access proxy simplifies the work to manage database access and audit queries.

Less Work for DevOps
strongDM extends your SSO to manage database permissions so you spend less time onboarding and offboarding staff. Easily adopt security best practices like role-based access control with least privilege and MFA.

More Visibility
Speed up audits and incident response with logs of every query across every database type. Because strongDM supports every database protocol, there’s no need to manage individual logs per database. Simply deploy strongDM and you’re done. Easily export strongDM’s logs to your preferred SIEM.

Comprehensive Integrations
strongDM supports your stack:

  • Every database type (SQL & NoSQL)
  • Every identity provider (SSO, AD, LDAP)
  • Every log aggregator & SIEM

Simpler For Staff
Make it easier to request and receive access. Instead of waiting for someone to provision database credentials, staff can automatically request and receive temporary access using strongDM’s chatbot. That means fewer delays for on-call teams.

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