Mandatory Reporting

de Summit Technical Solutions, LLC

Managed Application to collect and report SEAD-3 compliant established reporting requirements.

This application meets the FAR requirement for timely disclosure for reporting violations, ensuring submissions are securely reported, and safely accessed. Ensuring ease of use for an entire user population, this process ensures long-term viability, and positive user adoption.

32 CFR Part 117 Section 117.8, Security Executive Agent Directive -3 (SEAD-3), and DCSA ISL 2021-02 establish reporting requirements for all individuals who have a security clearance or hold a sensitive position. Cleared individuals shall report to their FSO any planned or actual involvement in a variety of required activities prior to participation in such activities or otherwise as soon as possible following the start of their involvement. In order to meet these new requirements for our own workforce, our team developed a mobile/web application for the purpose of securely collecting reports for the various new and existing requirements, automating notifications to security personnel, allowing employees and FSO alike to track reporting and after-actions within a secure Microsoft SharePoint connected PowerApp environment.

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