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Secure Enterprise Remote Access and Support, Reimagined for Next-Gen Experiences

TeamViewer Tensor secure remote connectivity powers employee IT support and customer support for organizations across all industries around the world, enabling support technicians to instantly connect to, manage, remotely control and support any computer, mobile device, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and industrial asset — from anywhere, anytime, across platforms and devices.

Whether you’re running customer support, employee IT support, technical operations, supply chain management, or operational technology, your customer and employee experience depend on having fast, flexible, easy-to-use remote support technology that helps you solve technical problems as quickly and smoothly as possible — without compromising data security. With TeamViewer Tensor:

  • Deliver a next-gen customer and employee support experience for faster issue resolution, higher customer and employee satisfaction, and stronger brand loyalty and retention

  • Provide end-to-end encrypted remote support for any device or machine, whether manned or unmanned to reduce downtime and on-site repair costs

  • Enhance your customer service with secure next-gen support for mobile apps or web browsers, without accessing the entire device, ensuring customer privacy and GDPR-compliant support

The TeamViewer app works with the Microsoft Teams platform, which offers a plethora of different communication capabilities. It enables colleagues to connect with each other with remote device access and through AR connections beyond traditional chat, VoIP, and video calls. This offers a powerful advantage when you “just need to see” what the problem is and trying to verbalize the issue is inefficient.

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