Testportal for K12 Education

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Knowledge assessment platform for schools integrated with Microsoft Teams

Modern, digital school with remote tests. Reliable results and automated grading for on-site, hybrid and online teaching.

Choose a proven platform that lets you assess your students with next-gen exams, tests and quizzes. 
Microsoft Teams integration enables you to share tests effortlessly, while Azure AD provides secure identity verification. Microsoft Azure infrastructure scalability guarantees stable operations, no matter the size of your class.

Benefits of digital knowledge assessment

  • Automated grading
  • Non-intrusive proctoring and live respondent monitoring
  • Restrictive time limits
  • Question drawing algorithms
  • Advanced question content creation and categorization
  • Detailed results, reports and statistics
  • Complete data security, including GDPR compliance
  • Knowledge assessments designed for schools
  • Automated test grading, statistics and reports
Teachers can access respondents’ data live and after the test. They also have a wealth of auto-generated results and detailed test statistics.

Impeccable test supervision

Honest Respondent Technology monitors test-takers and flags attempts to leave the test page. If this anti-cheating mechanism is triggered too often, it can stop the assessment.

Question drawing algorithms

Testportal can draw question subsets from the pre-generated pools and divide tests into various subjects to produce multidimensional scores.

Time measurement

Make your tests accessible on a specific day and hour so your respondents can start them simultaneously. Set limited time frames for each question and entire assessments.

Secure test sharing

Make sure only persons you authorize can take the test. Use links or individual access codes and block multiple test attempts to curb cheating and guarantee result reliability.

Students' live video feed

Access live feed from your respondents’ devices to supervise them during the test.

Testportal vs built-in Microsoft Forms

Testportal for Microsoft Teams outshines the built-in Microsoft Forms app with an incredible online testing experience. It ensures the security of your tests, allows an easy configuration of test settings, including time limits and offers detailed analyses and statistics post-test. The Honest Respondent Technology flags each attempt to leave the test page. To ensure even greater oversights, you can also analyze live video feed from the students’ device cameras.

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