Tietoevry Open Banking platform

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Tietoevry Open Banking platform enables banks to open financial services to the world via standardized APIs.

The platform is built on scalable micro-services architecture, the system delivers the best product and service for different deployment sizes. The Tietoevry Platform supports two business cases:

- Open Banking solution and services that enable banks to open financial services to the world via standardized APIs and includes regulatory API services.

- Financial API Aggregation service and product mediates the technical and application-level dialogue between you and bank infrastructures. The solution supports aggregation of connections to different banks and API hubs, providing access to multiple account-holding banks and institutions in one place. Instead of developing and maintaining a number of API specifications, you can use a single standardized interface.

The two solutions are available as a service for EU countries and as a product for all.

Tietoevry facilitates expert teams to drive a co-creation process within the financial institution or bank. We can help you study the customer journeys for new innovations, validate customer problems, and design the solutions utilizing Open Banking, APIs, and aggregation services, or to design new required APIs.

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