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Synergy — cloud project management software for architects, engineers and design professionals.

Synergy is business and project management software for architecture, engineering and construction design professionals (AEC). Our goal is to give AEC people more time for design.

Synergy is like a wingman to your business — someone who’s got your back in the business of designing the built environment. It’s pure cloud software that works on any web-enabled device. All you need is an internet connection, web browser and your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Synergy solves three key challenges for built environment design professionals: project management (including documents, projects, work breakdown structure, phases, stages and tasks, and WIP reports); collaboration (including communication, shared portal, transmittals, shared documents, document audit trail, and more); and project accounting (including timesheets, invoices, budgets, accounting add-ons like Xero and QBO, rates and costs, and profitability reporting).

Who we are — #TeamTotalSynergy

Synergy is a Total Synergy product. Total Synergy has built business and project management software for architects, engineers and construction design professionals since 1999. We’re a Microsoft Gold Application Development partner. Synergy is built in-house in Australia on Micorosft Azure cloud technologies. We currently have offices in Sydney, Australia, and London, UK offering support to our global customers.

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